Black Dog Prowl - Logo.png

Josh Finver – Guitar/Vox

Pablo Anton – Guitar

Seth Spaulding – Bass

Enzo Ferroggiaro – Drums

Hailed as one of Washington, D.C.’s hardest-hitting rock bands, Black Dog Prowl takes the audience through a captivating, high-energy performance that blends raw and creative songwriting with overdriven guitars, sludgy grooves, intense vocals, and an explosive rhythm section.

“Out of Washington, D.C. comes a band who mixes the gritty grunge of Soundgarden with the fuzz noise of Baroness and a whole lot of blues and attitude, and that band is
Black Dog Prowl.”
Madness to Creation

Formed in the shadow of the nation’s capital in 2010, the band has headlined prominent venues throughout the DC Metro area, including the historic 9:30 Club in August 2018. They also perform locally and abroad in support of international acts.

In March 2018, BDP teamed up with engineer and producer Ben Green to record at Blue Room Productions—sessions that yielded the Fine Lousy State and Resigned Lousy State EPs. Ahead of the release of Fine Lousy State, the band began promoting the EP and its lead single “Fine Lines (Far Cry)” at ForceFest in Teotihuacan, Mexico. The two-day outdoor rock festival also featured headliners System of a Down, Slayer, and Alice in Chains.

Released in November 2018, the five-song Fine Lousy State EP encapsulates the band’s heavy sound, featuring pointed lyrics written through a filter of irony and sarcasm. In March 2019, the band swept the Hard Rock category at The Wammie Awards (D.C.'s version of the Grammys), winning Best Album for Fine Lousy State, best song for "The Hill You Die On," and Best Artist/Group.

“The music and lyrics are heartfelt and the music is as honest as it comes.”
—I’m Music Magazine

Black Dog Prowl released its sixth studio work, Resigned Lousy State, on March 29, 2019. The band has been focusing on adding a stripped-down, full-band acoustic set to their repertoire and will be playing shows, electric and acoustic, in support of the new EP. Check out the shows page for more details.

“If you are in the Washington, D.C. area you would already know that Black Dog Prowl is one of the most powerful live local bands. Their songs and performances are raw and electric. If you enjoy no-nonsense honest hard rock check these guys out,
they are the real deal.”
Rock Documented


Promotional Music Videos

The Hill You Die On (2019)

No Robots (2013)

Vapor (2012)