AUG 18
9:30 Club
DC Music Rocks Festival
Washington, DC


June 02 Arlene's Grocery – New York City, NY.
w/Golf Lexapro and American Darlings
May 26 Union Stage – Washington, DC.
w/Fellowcraft and Stone Driver
May 11 Villain & Saint – Bethesda, MD.
w/Heavy Wire and Time Columns
FEB 15 Black Cat – Washington, DC.
w/Pressive and Technicians
DEC 08 Vilain & Saint – Bethesda, MD.
w/The Last Year
NOV 02 DC9 – Washington, DC.
w/Stone Driver and InterÆce
SEPT 29 Blackthorn 51 – Queens, NY.
w/The Vibrators, The Dirty Shovels, and Babe Patrol
SEPT 28 Pianos – New York City, NY.
w/Atlas Bloom, Chnnll, and Doctor B
SEPT 23 Main St. Music Fest – Ellicott City, MD.
w/Lionize, The Last Year, The Kelly Bell Band and others
AUG 24 Villain & Saint – Bethesda, MD.
w/Dr. Robinson's Fiasco and The Lounge Act
JUL 29 Baxter Building – Wheaton, MD.
w/Stig and Aerial View
JUN 23 Black Cat – Washington, DC.
w/Fuzzqueen and Tempercrush
APR 21 Songbyrd Music House – Washington, DC.
w/Calm & Crisis and Stocksmile
APR 08 IOTA Club & Cafe – Arlington, VA.
w/Braddock Station Garrison and Don Zientara
APR 01 Red Monkeys Bar – Queretaro, Mexico.
w/Agora and Diamante Rojo
MAR 25 Alterno Fest – Foro Independencia,
Guadalajara, Mexico.
w/Akasha, Driven, and Pressive
MAR 24 Studio Live – Zamora, Mexico.
w/Akasha and Pressive
MAR 23 Caradura – Mexico City, Mexico.
w/Akasha and Driven
MAR 17 Acre 121 – Washington, DC.
w/Mr. Blonde
MAR 02 Clarendon Grill – Arlington, VA.
w/Fuzzqueen and St. Francis Social
FEB 25 On The Rox – Richmond, VA.
w/Selma Hijack and Red Feather

DEC 16 Rock & Roll Hotel – Washington, DC.
w/Fellowcraft and Lanternfish
OCT 27 The Velvet Lounge – Washington, DC.
w/Atlas Bloom and The Great Heights Band
SEP 30 Maxwell’s – Hoboken, NJ.
w/Atlas Bloom and Chevonne & The Fuzz
SEP 02 Rhodeside Grill – Arlington, VA.
w/Curse Words
AUG 27 Jammin’ Java – Vienna, VA.
w/Fuzzqueen and Virginia Creep
AUG 13 Rock & Roll Hotel – Washington, DC.
w/The Meer, Moore AM Than FM, and The Jones
JUL 16 The Fifth Estate – Brooklyn, NY.
w/Three Bananas, Anthony Gach & Harmonic Aggression, and The Sleeved Hearts
JUL 14 The Camel – Richmond, VA.
w/Atlas Bloom, Lucy in Battle Armor, and Wester Green
JUN 12 The Velvet Lounge – Washington, DC.
w/Flannel Mouth and Foglings
JUN 10 The Auld Shebeen – Fairfax, VA.
w/Classified Frequency and Wandering Lies
MAY 20 The Pinch – Washington, DC.
w/Delta Creeps, Treble Lifter, and Foglings
MAY 13 Rhodeside Grill – Arlington, VA.
w/More AM Than FM and Sono Lumini
APR 16 DC9 Nightclub – Washington, DC.
MAR 04 IOTA – Arlington, VA.
w/Turtle Recall
FEB 27 Guido’s Speakeasy – Frederick, MD.
w/Shaprtooth, Hydra Kill, and Croatoan
DEC 04 Teatro Cariola – Santiago, Chile.
w/Candlebox and Temple Agents
DEC 03 Bar de Rene – Santiago, Chile.
SEP 25 The Pinch – Washington, DC.
w/Caustic Casanova and Treble Lifter
SEP 19 The Velvet Lounge – Washington, DC.
w/Mirror Factory and Curse Words
AUG 22 Liv Nightclub – Washington, DC.
JUL 21 DC9 Nightclub – Washington, DC.
w/The Answer
JUL 11 The Velvet Lounge – Washington, DC.
w/Bloody Diamonds and The Grocers
APR 29 Jammin’ Java – Vienna, VA.
MAR 14 The Velvet Lounge – Washington, DC.
w/Spotted Atrocious

OCT 25 Bourbon & Branch – Philadelphia, PA
w/Spotted Atrocious, Morse Coda, and Father Oscar

AUG 23 The Fillmore – Silver Spring, MD.
w/Steel Panther
JUL 29 The Velvet Lounge – Washington, DC.
w/Chute and The Color Exchange
JUN 22 Jammin’ Java – Vienna, VA.
w/The Joy Kills, Vinyl Side, and The Kennedys
MAY 26 Black Cat – Washington, DC.
APR 09 Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD.
w/Nikki Barr Band, Sin4Sin, and Defiant Excalibur
MAR 31 The Fillmore – Silver Spring, MD.
w/Nikki Barr Band